Photo Album-August 2011

Yes, we woke up at 3 a.m. and hiked 31 miles for a total of 16 hours. But the sunrise was worth it!

They call this a pond in Maine. It looks like a lake to me.

This is me. Getting stuck. It happens a lot. Usually I end up falling.

My resupply for the 100 mile wilderness

They tried to intimidate us. Ha-we survived!

First view of Katahdin!

We got in early to camp and spent the afternoon reading by a river

Maine is full of beautiful lakes!

The airhorn for the boat that took us to White House Landing

Our boat ride!

The White House Landing Hostel

Getting closer to Katahdin!

Katahdin from Abol Bridge

Half gallon challenge-yes, I ate it all!

The climb up Katahdin

Getting closer to the top!

The tablelands on top of Katahdin

We made it!

My pose of success!

Butter and Budha!

My hiking buddies

My brother made it up the same day I did

Our finish

Katahdin while day hiking with my family

Younger bro!

Kayaking trip at our cabin in Maine


It's not hiking, but a great friend's wedding!
David's first day on the trail!

Brother/sister shot

We found a swing on the trail!

And took advantage of it!

What a beautiful view!

I think we wore him out

Roasting marshmallows on the fire

The Guillotine!

View from my campsite

Sunset over the city

Yep, it's a bear!
McAfee's Knob