Photo Album-May 2011

do we look clean? it's because we haven't started hiking yet!

really cool bridge crossing

oh Virginia mountains

Blackrock Mountain in Shendandoah National Park

Skyline Drive ran through SNP; we crossed it several times a day

Conner on the left; Rollie on the right

one of the tame Shenandoah deer

beautiful trail

this is why we hike (or at least, one of the reasons)


we found this black snake living in one of the shelters

we hiked through this fog and rain for two days straight

Bear's Den Hostel-a mountain oasis

green trees

if you're wondering, yes, this is the trail (not a creek!)

the tow path out of Harper's Ferry

a view of maryland

yes, we devoured this pizza!

in the middle is clooney, one of our favorite older hikers

the trail as it leads into Boiling Springs


Johannes is in the middle-our German hiking buddy!

the historic Doyle Hotel-we spent one night here and ate delicious burgers!

a downed-tree across the trail after a terrible storm

Mousetrap and pizza at the 501 shelter; one of the best shelters so far

the knife's edge

the mountain near Palmerton PA-we didn't know we had to go rock climbing!

yep, straight up; hands and feet climbing

if you can see Green Mile behind the big tree (a hint of blue), you can see the climb over the rocks

tough climb in the heat

you might not be able to tell, but i drenched in sweat and stink really bad